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bienvenue a ma vie

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I feel like I love this picture so desperately, but I have no idea how it came out this good. Like, seriously. It looks like miniatures, but really, those deer are life-sized. Yes. If only I could figure out how to reproduce this.


aren’t we just terrified?

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my dear friend amanda, walkity walking


1. The District Sleeps Alone (The Postal Service)
-This song is pretty intense. I love the lyrics.

2. Just For Now (Imogen Heap)
-I don’t see how anyone can function in life without Imogen’s music. To me, it’s really fresh and clean and brutally honest. This song especially–it’s about Christmas and how it really is with your family during that time.

3. Closer (Kings of Leon)
-If I could have a song as a husband…

4. I’m On Fire (John Mayer)
-I love this song, and whilst my iTunes Library thinks I’ve listened to it 1.497 times, I am listening to this in moderation so I don’t get sick of it.

5. Roslyn (Bon Iver & St. Vincent)
-Specially from the New Moon soundtrack, this song is just so so so beautiful. Full of that terrifying angst, depression, and pointlessness I often succumb to this time of year. 🙂

how does that humiliation taste?

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afternoon in the fields.


1. I need a shower

2. Why do I love The Nanny so much?

3. I’m starting to get that theatre itch–the itch that comes along every spring and makes me do anything to be in a production again. I might even do Charlotte’s Web if I have to.

4. What shall I do to begin my 2010: Year of Not Eating?

5. One of the things I miss most about being home home is being able to listen to hi-def music whenever I want. Here it messes with my Nana’s hearing aids.

lets see where this ends up, eh?

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my best friend as usual

Alright. So this is Kate, one of my best friends. Not my best work but I love this picture anyway. I’d guess that probably….1/4 of my iPhoto library is about Kate. She’s one of my favorite subjects because she always looks interesting, rarely anything less than gorgeous. (One of my goals is catching her in un-glamorous moments, but they’re few and far between.)

deedly dee.

hemp necklace!

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or, hallelujahs!

My theatre mentor, Robbi, flinging her head into the sky

So I think from the beginning, I should tell you I’m kind of stuck up about my photography.

I think I’m a 3@#)@ing superstar at it, actually. I say that in a kind of humble way.

Maybe this photograph doesn’t necessarily define that. But I don’t care.