I will likely change these often as I am a highly subjective person.

1. I just painted my toes.

2. I really like ice cream.

3. Shopping + me = future destitution.

4. I consider myself an amateur connoisseur of sweat pants.

5. I regularly invent my own dreams when I’m semiconscious.

6. This list is 40% bullsh*t

7. I’ve never dated anyone in my entire teenage/adult life.

8. My feet are not cold. Right this second.

9. The top 5 Greatest Bands in the world are not worth my mentioning right now. (I’m curmudgeony)

10. I literally made up a fake webzine centered around home decorating. It happened.

11. I really like painting but I don’t do it often because I get lazy and hate my work.

12. I have collected a huge container of fabric that I kinda want to burn.

13. Only my left tragus is pierced. It hurt like heck and I don’t think I’ll do the other one.

14. My middle name is Elizabeth.

15. I’m enrolled in zero classes because it’s f#)@(ing SUMMER

16. I would rather live on the side of the street than go to school.

17. I drink probably a gallon of nothing every day. Sorry.

18. My favorite color is really dark blue.

19. This list will probably earn me a stalker or two.

20. I drive a ’99 Volvo S70.

21. I need to lose weight.

22. I don’t like contemporary fiction all that much, because I think it’s lame.

23. I read classics, and anything written before the year 2000.

24. I work in an office and I LOVE IT

25. Photography is something that tickles my fancy, but I don’t like to broadcast it because people either a. make fun of me or    b.   complain that I upload too many pictures.

26. I’m passionate and snobbish about music. Yup, I’m one of “those people.”

27. The highest-played song in my iTunes library is “I’m On Fire” by John Mayer, @1500 plays because my iPod listens to it when I’m not around.

28. My fingernails are not painted right now.

29. I’d say about 25% of my music is stuff I heard on TV or movies.

30. For some reason I’m mildly infatuated with Jack Gray, for a combination of reasons which include but are not limited to the coolness of his name, the handsomeness of his Twitter profile picture and his singleness. Also, he is a comedic/intellectual genius. I love you!

31. I am opinionated about a lot of things that don’t matter, and have no opinion on a lot of things that matter to other people.

32. For example: I think the only good kind of mustard is whole grain, while I couldn’t care less who our president is.

33. My nail polish is not chipping because I’m not wearing any.

34. Listening to: some She&Him. I do not really like it.

35. I have a twitter but somehow I can’t master the inanity everyone else has.

36. Wow, I really recommend KOL. The lead singer of Kings should be knighted.

37. I feel the clock is ticking on the likelihood of me seeing U2 in concert. I would literally shave my head, scrub ashes in it and wear a potato sack if one of them died before I got to see them live.

38. The song now is still that She&Him song. Stupid.

39. Every time I watch “Into The Wild” (with Emile Hirsch), I go through the same exact emotional journey. It doesn’t matter that I know how it ends. I always cry my brains out.

40. My bedroom is clean.

41. I am arachnophobic and I do not say that lightly. The bigger the spider the faster your windows and glassware will shatter–I scream.

42. If I were a boy I’d probably be called a douche bag.

43. The new hairspray I got is giving me a headache. My head smells like a Starburst.

44. Most of my friends are taller than me. I’m the only person of average height in my entire social network. I’m not kidding. Everyone is either shorter or taller.

45. The Office = love.

46. My hair is making me hungry.

47. My best friends are world travelers and trailer trash. I love them.

48. The new song on this list is retro hippie stuff that sounds like it was recorded on ’50s hi-fi equipment. Lame.

49. I feel prettier in the winter time.

50. My fave Kings song is probs… McFearless.

There you have it. I’m amazingly boring.


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